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This is amazing! The on-point detail of my friends and My ocs are perfect! You caught the expressions perfectly and did at overall amaz...

this is down right amazing the details on this dragon are awesome and so freaking good. the shading on this dragon is on point and very...

It's amazing, the lighting is very good, and the quality of the dragon itself is amazing. The scale detail is definitely amazing, and i...


Icewing Adopt SOLD by TheStarPlanet Icewing Adopt SOLD :iconthestarplanet:TheStarPlanet 6 2 1 Good Father 1 Bad by Cattboi 1 Good Father 1 Bad :iconcattboi:Cattboi 2 0 Night Music by ColdInsaneGhosts Night Music :iconcoldinsaneghosts:ColdInsaneGhosts 4 2 WOF}Opal-Ice/Rainwing SKETCH by OpalescentIce WOF}Opal-Ice/Rainwing SKETCH :iconopalescentice:OpalescentIce 4 2 Leafpool and Mothwing (Warrior Cats) by WarriorCat3042 Leafpool and Mothwing (Warrior Cats) :iconwarriorcat3042:WarriorCat3042 99 18 ~Gaspppppp~ Doodles with VARIETY! by Astra-Phantom5654 ~Gaspppppp~ Doodles with VARIETY! :iconastra-phantom5654:Astra-Phantom5654 3 0
made a new journal skin
:0 STILL MORE WORK TO DO ON IT but the bare bones of it looks ok i guess. im submitting this right now to make sure everything looks ok and works right asdfghjkl
also i made a tumblr early. I DID A LOT OF STUFF TODAY so i could procrastinate on my article. theres still more stuff to cleam up but im tired so im gonna keep a few lists for myself, feel free to ignore this
journal skin
- change header and footer and buttons image
- possibly make buttons a solid color / different image ???
- change cursor (active + inactive state)
- tweak some colors
- adjust some formatting and widths, spacing, etc
- change links
- possibly move nav bar back to side
- change nav bar seeing as the background is not fixed
- get rid of that ugly white bar at the top
- fix header and footer images so they appear to align correctly ??
personal tumblr
- add more pages (commissions, tag links, ??)
- redo about + dnfi
- redo kin page
- change music player style, add more songs in
- possibly add a background to who
:iconreyac:reyac 1 1
Krona (GIFT) by MercuryMiracles Krona (GIFT) :iconmercurymiracles:MercuryMiracles 7 0 Saphira Mini Animation by Jomadis Saphira Mini Animation :iconjomadis:Jomadis 16 4 climbing trees by Trunswicked climbing trees :icontrunswicked:Trunswicked 13 0 OT3 by Trunswicked OT3 :icontrunswicked:Trunswicked 16 0 nonsense by TwistedTwisters nonsense :icontwistedtwisters:TwistedTwisters 40 4 Yay|Celebration Art by doodlecat0w0 Yay|Celebration Art :icondoodlecat0w0:doodlecat0w0 8 5 Oh Rain -Prompt by Banskye Oh Rain -Prompt :iconbanskye:Banskye 35 2
Story Idea(s)
A short while ago I decided that I wanted to keep track of my ideas so I began recording them. So far I have a few that I'm pretty proud of and I just wanted to share them and see if you guys could talk to me about them so that I could develop them further/provide your opinions and ideas of my ideas.
Here it goes! Each of them is labeled with a title of sorts.
*edit: I have like 0 writing experience so these ideas might actually be bad. 
Falling Skies:
   A few thousand years in the future
   There's a giant solar flare thing resulting in all the oceans evaporating into the sky, then briefly after the earth freezes over, resulting in the clouds in the sky to form into a thick casing of ice surrounding earth a few thousand miles thick/thick enough to cage people in
//pretend there's enough water + better explanation is needed but that's the gist 
   Human society has managed to survive but it's really wrecked and it's broken into dif
:iconningaella3:Ningaella3 4 7
Seawing Swim by Blurainbo Seawing Swim :iconblurainbo:Blurainbo 3 0

Is It Open?

Chica Requests Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon
Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon
Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon
Bonnie Point Commission Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon
Toy Freddy Collabs Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon

Okay! That's about it... thanks guys!

Pagedolls and Icons

The title says it all! If you click the icon/pagedoll, you'll be brought to the maker's page.

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HE IS NOT. I honestly think it's Crimson because she's just out to make everything worse for Cold.
The Exit
Razia's Shadow
The Exit
( By Forgive Durden)

[Adakias (Thomas Dutton)]
Look at that which surrounds me
I'm supposed to call this home
The dark has become so overwhelming
So why don't I just go

[Sangara (Dan Young) ]
Why can't you just be more like your brother?
Together you would rule the throne
Evil and darkness would grow
This kingdom needs you

[Adakias ]
"Why can't you just be more like Pallis?" they always ask
Could this feeling deep in me be the prophecy?
As a child I heard such wonderful stories
Of lamps, and the oracle, and holy the sea

[Sangara ]
Silly boy, you speak of fiction
Silly boy, you can't just leave them
Reaching for some fairy tale ending
Myth or legend

[Adakias ]
Oh, what's the use maybe they're right
What's the point of dreaming
If it can never materialize?
Townsfolk are ashamed
Why can't I live up to my family name?
Well it's not me, but you see it's just my pedigree

[Sangara ]
You're a reckless and romantic rogue
Your head is in the clouds
You'll be chained here all your life
Shackled to the ground
You're not the chosen one

[Adakias ]
Don't you ever dream of some place better
Or a life that's greater
Don't you ever feel like you've been destined
For something bigger than your skin?

[Pallis (Brendon Urie) ]
You are so foolish
The dark has been your home
If you elope, I'll hunt you
Through suffering you'll atone

[Adakias ]
Dear Pallis, you're my brother
You looked and watched over me
But there's something bigger at stake
My purpose is this journey

[Pallis ]
Brother, you are shortsighted
Naive and starry-eyed
You are not the chosen one
This will be your demise

[Adakias ]
Brother, I can't help this feeling
My heart tells me to run
You were meant to rule the dark
I was meant to see the sun

Don't you ever dream of some place better
When the light shines brighter?
Don't you ever feel like you've been destined
For something bigger than your skin?

I think I'll just go

[Narrator ]
"Adakias, tired of fiction and bound by his ambition
Left his home for the city of light
Disguised as a citizen his identity was hidden
Within in a city that sat glistening
He was eager for his new life
He contemplated and hated
Why had he waited for so long
To flee his home forever shaded, where the jaded are never wrong?
He took a deep breath
He was finally gone
His hope was left strong
That a meaning would be found
That had kept him withdrawn
His stare had caught a light
And he fell for the sight
Her name was Princess Anhura
She suffered from the same strife
And like Adakias, she spent most of her time
Dreaming of a different life. "

[Anhura (Greta Salpeter)]
Don't you ever feel like you've been destined
For something bigger than your skin?

Honestly, I love Razia's Shadow.
Anyway, This song reminded me of my oc, Iceeyes! He's a ThunderClan medicine cat in this group- WC-peaceful-times
Iceeye has always struggled with the fact that his father, and mother, were both Shadow Clan cats. He feels like Thunder Clan isn't his real home, even though he was adopted by one of the cats in that Clan. He's a misfit, a loner. Nobody wants to be his friend. Iceeyes always wonders if there's a place where he'll fit in, a place like Shadow Clan.

Iceeyes- me
Made with DeviantArt muro
Broken Dreams are Still Dreams
I think this might be my WoFsona? Her name is Fallenstar. She's probably going to represent me.
I made a traditional reference but my camera is crappy today :') it won't focus on anything. I probably have to clean the lense soon.
I'll release some info on Fallenstar soon!!

Wings of Fire- Tui T Sutherland
Fallenstar-me (literally)
Can someone explain to me how it's okay to come and harass someone for their art
The Illuninati Doesn't Need to Pay Taxes
I don't know what the title is but it came to me, so I used it.
Last payment for Galactic-Doge ! He was super duper hard to draw for some reason. But alas, I had fun! Thank you for letting me pay with art!
Okay sometimes I have really weird and kinda scary dreams? I just wanna write them down and talk about them sometimes, but people would think I was weird.
So why not write then here!!! Haha, I'm so smart :/

( This one could be offensive and kinda scary. I woke up screaming and crying)
A few weeks ago, I had this dream that was so sad I woke up sobbing. It was so vivid and so emotional..

I was forced to move to a new school after WWIII started. My mom was killed by rioters, and my father was drafted. I was around 15 years old.  My sister was adopted and taken to a different School, so I was quite literally completely alone.
As I sat and sketched during math class, I was some what aware of the boy sitting next to me. He looked so sad, but I didn't want to talk to him. He was a little taller than me, but not much. His hair was a oily black, and he had beautiful blue eyes. At the same time, something was off about him.
As I finished adding shading to my sketch, the boy gasped. I turned my head, and saw that he was staring at me. I was about to say " Piss off", but he suddenly grinned.
" That's beautiful!" The boy said. I could bearly understand him, because he had a very thick German accent. I felt bad in the dream for almost cussing the kid out, and then he complimented me.
" Thank you so much!" I had replied, and realized I was grinning for the first time in months. The boy nodded.
" I sometimes draw, too, but lately I've been busy with school work and Military training." He looked down, sad. I instantly liked the boy, he was a very sweet looking kid.
" You're entering the Youth Death Sentence?" I asked. ( In the dream, it was WWIII, and the Youth went through military training, and usually, they died easily.) The boy sighed.
" I don't have a choice. My dad enlisted me before he died in action." His blue eyes flashed up to mine, and I felt so sorry for him.
" I'm.. so sorry." I get compelled to hug him. " My parents died, too. " I looked down at that point.

The class bell rang then, and we both stood up. As the day went by, the boy and I talked and laughed. It turned out we had all of our classes together. He was on vacation to America, and suddenly the war started. His family, after Führer Trump (it was a very bad joke the citizens of America said in the dream) made a bill that "nobody gets to leave the United States." So, the boy was stuck in America.
He had been there for a few years, it was three years after the war started.
But.. at lunch, the boy and I sat down to eat our Rations. " Hey, I never got your name.", I had said.
" And I never got yours." The boy grinned. I laughed.
" Olivia, my name's Olivia (my last name, which is actually very German irl) " I smiled. The boy shifted in his seat.
" I'm Adolf." The young boy said. I froze and he seemed sad. " I know, I know. Everyone does that when I tell them. I just don't know why." Adolf had said softly.
" Well, Adolf, you probably know about Adolf Hitler." I had said. The boy flinched back, horrified.
" T-that's my name!" He yelled, surprised. I stood up in shock.
" Hitler? As in Nazi Kaiser of Germany?" I yelled. The boy stood up with me.
" I don't know what you're talking about! People always do this when I tell them my name! Why! Then, they all run away! What's wrong with a name?" Adolf exclaimed. After that, we dumped our trays and I lead him to the Library.
We skipped class, and sat in a little corner in the library. I read him books about the real Hitler. He listened to me in fear, and he shook his head.
" They childhood years- are mostly like mine. I mean, currently, I'm only 16. Other than that, everything about- well, Hitler, is me." Adolf slumped his shoulders. " I- don't want to be a monster." He leaned against me, and I hugged him tightly. (They are not the same person, they are two different. I'm not symphethizing a monster here. I hate the real Hitler)
" I know. Just don't choose that path in life. " I burrowed into his chest, and sighed. " I'm so sorry Adolf. " I said quickly. In the dream, I was utterly terrified because this kid was the reincarnation of Hitler. But he was nothing like that freak of nature. This kid was sweet, and gentle, and not at all angry.

Suddenly, the entire world in the dream flipped around. I knew something was wrong when all I saw was the scorched steps of the White House. Looking around, I almost puked (I'm pretty sure I heaved in real life, too, because my throat hurt) Nazi Flags hung all around the White House. In the dream I knew it flipped to either the future... Or the past.
I stood up. I was still 15, but it wasn't my year. I stood, shocked, as I looked at Washington DC. It was destroyed. Smoke belched into the sky, and fires still burned. " ...What's wrong?" I heard a worried, pure German voice. It was in German, but we were in America (it's a dream it doesn't make sense) and I understood what he said. (It was a male voice). I turned and actually puked in the dream.
It was Hitler, but it wasn't. (You know) he seemed sad and not crazy. This Hitler never killed anybody (it was NOT THE REAL ONE. this was a weird reincarnation dream one that wasn't actually him) His blue eyes were faded and tired. He was dressed in a white overcoat and odd purple pants. I wiped my month and shivered.
" A-Adolf, what have you done? You said you wouldn't take after-"
" My dear. Listen, I did not take after that monster!" Adolf plopped next to me. " I never killed anyone, and I'm not a racist ass! I took over America and won the war! It's over, we're safe." Adolf reached for me. I pulled back, scared.
" No. Please." All I could see was the real Hitler.
" Olivia, it's me. It's the one you care for." Adolf stared at me.
" I'm sorry. All I see is the real.. real Hitler." I replied, I was crying now. He kept his arms extended in a hug form.
" I'm not like him, you know that. We're married and everything." Adolf said (that's when in the Dream I cussed him out. Yes, oddly enough, I had married Him.. again, I hate the real Hitler.) " Please. We've been over this. " He gestured to the flags. " This was a little over the top, but- I like the Swastika." (Disclaimer: it sucks). " Olivia, my sweetheart- it's not the past."
" Adolf." I had cried. " I know!" I suddenly fell in the dream, and it snapped to a dark room with guns pointed at my head, and Adolf's.
" Kill me! Not her!" Adolf screamed. He spread his arm in front of me. I grabbed his arm and tugged it.
" No! kill me!" I had yelled. Adolf turned and grabbed my shoulders.
" It's all my fault." He whispered and pulled me into a hug, " I'm so sorry, my love." Adolf whispered, and a gun went off. His grip tightened, and I screamed in the dream ( and I think in real life too.. I sure felt it). He stared at me, his blue eyes flashed with fear. " I love you.." he breathed deeply, and collapsed​ into the floor. I was screaming and crying and I knelt down next to him.
" No!! Adi, no! Get up!" I cried and cried and cried over his body. He didn't even look like the real Hitler (well, faintly). " Please." I actually felt the loss in my heart.

I woke up crying so hard my chest hurt. My throat was burning, and I forced myself to stand up and drink water to calm down.

So yeah that was a horrible nightmare

And I had another, this one is very intense and possibly rude?? Idk I've always feared the {people} in it.

So I was in the car with my dad and my sister. We were driving back to my mom's house, but it was all wonky. My yard was way to big, there were compost bins next to the woods, and we had no neighbors. Everything was forest.
As my dad and the rest of us approached the house, I got a call from my mom. " Olivia, can you hear me?" She said in a whisper.
" Yeah, mom, what is it?" I replied, and glanced worriedly out the window. (It was a really vivid dream)
" Don't come home. They're after me. We helped to much. Olivia, go back. Leave me." My mom hissed. " Please "
" What? Who's after you? Mom, what's wrong? What are you on?" I told my dad to hurry to Mom's house. He did, and when we got there, hooded figures that looked like really tall white knomes were all gathered in front of the house. It was the fucking KKK. ( We are learning about Civil Rights in US Studies, so that's probably what sparked my dream)
" Holy shit " Dad parked the car and went to call 911, but his phone was dead.
" I'm scared!" My sister yelled.
" Mom, were here. Why the heck is the KKK in front of the house??" I panicked and, inpulsivly, honked the horn of my dad's car. ", Come out!" I yelled through the phone.
The KKK people turned and began to advance in my dad's car. He made us get out and run to the woods, but I ran back to the deck door. It was unlocked. So I went in and locked the door. " Psst, mom? Where are you?" I looked around the house to find mom. She unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out.
" Are they here?" She looked out the windows. So many of them were in the woods, and I realized that they saw my sister and I enter the house.
" No, they aren't inside. Dad's got the car out front, we need to run.", I told my mom, and she nodded. My sister was crying.
I opened the front door and we bolted. A few of the KKK members yelled and went after us, but we got in the car and drove away. My dad and my mom were talking in hushed voices about what happened, and I couldn't understand. My sister and I sat in the very back row (two back rows of seats in the car) and watched to see if they were following us.

There was more, but I forgot.
It's so weird because I don't know why I dream these things but I do?


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What should I continue... 

7 deviants said Sparking Flame (I have so many ideas) yes
2 deviants said Fatal Quest (about 10% motivation for this story) probably won't write it
2 deviants said Other?
2 deviants said Possible Lore for T.N.W (I've posted what happened. It's related to Sparking Flame, but it's what happened)
1 deviant said Other short stories? ( I do have ideas for short ones) Maybe
No deviants said Secrets (I lost all motivation for this one) low chance I'll do it
No deviants said Of Birds and Giants (eh iffy) maybe
No deviants said Fire in the Sky (I have some ideas) sure


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