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This is amazing! The on-point detail of my friends and My ocs are perfect! You caught the expressions perfectly and did at overall amaz...

this is down right amazing the details on this dragon are awesome and so freaking good. the shading on this dragon is on point and very...

It's amazing, the lighting is very good, and the quality of the dragon itself is amazing. The scale detail is definitely amazing, and i...


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So, there was this homophobe on the wings of fire wiki chat (Reaper) So I just had to make a Ship Fic of him and another dude :3
Gjallarhorn-IceWing 's OC, Gjallarhorn, is in this fan fiction too.
Lightning flickered up ahead. The storm was still going on, and in Reaper’s mind he thought it would never stop. His home was leaking, the ceilings were dripping with water. Buckets were assorted around the floor, catching every drop. The wind howled, tearing down trees and leaves were blown into the windows of Reaper’s small cottage. He looked out the window that was not filled to the brim with water and leaves, and stared at towards the river near him.
    Soon the wind was so terrible that Reaper could not see a single tree nearby that kept its leaves. The leaves were scattered about, the mud near them engulfing the mounds of leaves. Reaper hissed, staggering back as his window became filled with leaves. He accidentally knocked over a full bucket and c
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Pagedolls and Icons

The title says it all! If you click the icon/pagedoll, you'll be brought to the maker's page.

Witch Doctor PageDoll by Jomadis DestinySeeker Heart Bounce [CM] by Jomadis [Gift] Two-Face Pagedoll by Twilight-Tyto Bloodfeathers by SpeedStingerDash Hey, brother by Midnight-Hybrid Ocean Pagedoll Gift by Jomadis Into the night ~1/2 Commission~ by thecoolwolf11 Lead on ~2/2 Commission~ by thecoolwolf11 Bulletproof- by seagaull Oilspill Journal Doll Commission by Jomadis Destinyseeker Pagedoll by Koiyer Bloodmoon Pagedoll by Galactic-Fire We don't talk ~Commission~ by thecoolwolf11 Bloodmoon Avatar by Galactic-Fire ArtTrade||Night Hunter by II-Ravenstar-II Brimstone Icon ~ Payment (1/2) by silvershadowsong Ocean: 50th Watcher Icon by GriffelBlood Smaller Version (icon sized) by DragonsOfTheStars Midnight GIF by Jomadis Holiday Merlin by Karatefinch Holiday Bloodfeathers by Karatefinch Ocean Icon by Jomadis Animated icon for- MetalandWings by PixelatedWulf output UNbT38 by Mcdraggy Merlin Gif by pumices for metalandwings by Queen-Apocalypse

Is It Open?

Chica Requests Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon
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Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon
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Okay! That's about it... thanks guys!



I've been on my phone all day and I've been wondering, "why is my account so.. dull?" And I realized it's because I've posted zero art.
XD I have a lot of traditional art to post.
//CHEAP// Firepie Egg Adopts!
Here are some cheap Firepie Egg Adopts! Each one is 10 points or under. Also, art payment is accepted! This is for the people who haven't been able to adopt Firepies because of the price. They can also be only a points you're already a member of the group! No "just joined" things though.

1. Blue Fire Firepie. 9 points
Closed 2. Red fire Firepie. 5 points
Closed 3. Orange fire Firepie. 6 points
4. Green Fire Firepie. 8 points
5. Firepie/Winterpie hybrid. 10 points
Firepie Hybrid Egg Adopts
All of these eggs are Hybrids of the various 'Pie species. Also a little bit of a low price.

1. Winterpie/Firepie. 2nd Ice. 15 points
2. Firepie/Waterpie. Orange Fire. 15 points
3. Venompie/Firepie. Yellow Venom. 15 points
4. Firepie/?. Green fire. 20 points (unknown hybrid, but is visibly not a Firepie)
5. Firepie/Winterpie. Red fire. 20 points

This is for Firepie-Clan ! I love that group
Venompie Adopt FREE
You know what, I'm making her free. Why? Because I'm trying to help the group get more popular.

I took the liberty of using a Application to make them! So it's a little easier to sigh her up. :3 As it says on the sheet, she is in Acid Clan. Her gender and Clan can't be changed, but her age could.
Also, if you adopt her, please sign her up and join Firepie-Clan ! This is an adopt for a CLOSED SPECIES in the group!
Idk why but "We are Santa's Elves" from the original Rudolph movie popped into my head
Yeah so I should probably explain my WOF Ocs relationships... I also need this so I can keep track of certain things about them!!
btw almost half of them are gay I'm sobbing

Okay so I have a lot of ships for my characters! Try to keep track XD

1. Two-Face and Deathnote
We Could Work Together! by metalandwingsWe Work Well Together! by metalandwings Nice Place by metalandwings 
Both are cynical, evil, and totally insane!
They never dated, but were always seen as a couple.
The Day that Two-Face and Deathnote met, they all out warred (first sketch). They yelled and growled and hit, but never really hurt each-other. But as they began to spend more time together, they both started to get.. feelings for each-other. Deathnote's naturally charming attitude and insane-ness appealed to Two-Face, but he ignored the feelings, because he didn't trust himself not to hurt Deathnote.
Two-Face pushed Deathnote away, fearing he'd hurt him. Deathnote was crushed, but soon got over it because he's Deathnote.

A few years after the pair of them argued, and Two-face pushed Deathnote away, Deathnote appeared at Two's cave randomly (pictured above). Two-Face was obviously shocked, but accepted Deathnote as a friend again instantly. Deathnote brought Two-Face to the rainforest, where he wanted Two-Face to live with him. Two-Face was weary of Deathnote's secrecy about the whole thing, but Deathnote was just hyped. He brought Two-Face to his home, hoping Two-Face would like it and want to stay, but then the most weird and awesome thing happened. Two-Face asked Deathnote to take his jewelry off! Deathnote found that kind of cool, so he did. Two-Face, however, just wanted to see his friend as a normal dragon, not a reflective object.  But Two-Face fell in love with Deathnote at that moment, and felt ever so connected to him (also pictured above).
You can guess what happened next ;)

Two-Face, who was scared still, ran away. Deathnote was crushed that he left, and didn't recover that quickly. Two-Face feared that since he had mated with Deathnote, he'd hurt him or something. Two-face, still suffering from his personality issues, was at war with himself over the fact. He loved Deathnote, but he knew he could never truly be okay. Two-face came crawling back to Deathnote, who of course grabbed him and cried and hugged him. But they stayed most friends with benefits, and never really became pure mates. They never, ever see anyone else; weird, I know. Deathnote loves Two-Face and believes that he should only mate with him. Two-Face just doesn't like anyone else.

In conclusion: These two have a complicated relationship. Yet the love each-other, and that's all that matters.

Also, DestinySeeker is totally cool with this whole "Two Dads" Thing.

2. Hotspring and Coalfire
Hotfire by metalandwings Moonlit Love by metalandwings Get Up by metalandwings
This couple was destined to be together from the start. Hotspring attacked DestinySeeker at the beginning of her (and the rest of the Crew's) quest. Coalfire was the first one that was nice to Hotspring, and Hotspring totally was gay for him. Coalfire loved Hotspring the second he saw him, oddly enough. A Love-at-first-sight couple! A week after they met, they started to date. Hotspring was embarrassed, yet fully okay with the small smooches that Coalfire always gave him. Some time after that, Hotspring was sorry he ever said anything against those smooches. Coalfire was attacked by Eternal Night, and plunged off of a cliff. Hotspring was devastated, his boyfriend was dead. DestinySeeker, however, saved Coalfire with her animus magic. Hotspring never protested the smooches again.

The two are a perfect and happy couple, who rarely ever fights. Coalfire's sweet and compassionate nature combinds with Hotspring's passive-aggressive nature. The two keep each-other in check. You can read more about them in my story, Fatal Quest.  Hotspring gets mad a lot, and Coalfire can't stand when his boo is angry. Usually if Hotspring is mad, then so is Coalfire. They look out for each-other always, and that's why Hotspring proposed to Caolfire one day.

Coalfire was overjoyed and so happy that he was engaged to Hotspring. Not long after, they officially mated. Mates! Coalfire and Hotspring have lived so happily together. Years later, DestinySeeker used her magic to give them an egg.
But, sadly, the egg cracked and the Dragonet hatched early. It didn't make it. Coalfire fell into a deep depression, and Hotspring mourned and supported Coalfire.

//more to come//

The current timeline they are on: Smooch Me

3. Rogue and Princess Clam
Is That All? by metalandwings Rogue by metalandwings Ripnami nextgens by metalandwings (top right)

Rogue and Clam met by accident. On a Flight to the Ice Kingdom on a diplomatic mission, a bad blizzard hit and Clam was forced to land and find cover. Rogue was the only dragon near by, and she let Clam stay with her. The blizzard lasted around a week, and by then, the two had hit it off. Rogue had never, ever liked another dragon before, but she was pretty sure the emotion she felt was love. Clam, who was a huge bachelorette, felt a little something for Rogue, but Rogue was a odd looking thing, and Clam felt like she was... too dirty. But as the days went by, Clam began to love Rogue as well. Clam invited Rogue to come to the IceWing castle as her 'mate', and meet with the Queen. Clam wanted Rogue there because... well, she hated to admit it, but she felt safe with Rogue. Rogue agreed, and they were of.

Rogue is obviously a hybrid, and Clam was always picky about that. Clam was rude toward her blood, but Rogue ignored her taunts and insults. Rogue focused on the very few good qualities of Clam. Rogue, as pretty as she was, was never 'good' enough for Clam. Clam loved the weird ball of scales anyway, even though she usually didn't show it.

Rogue was welcomed into the SeaWing community along with Clam. Rogue stayed in a cave near the Ruins of the Summer Palace, so she was close to Clam. They dated for around four months, but Clam's friends made fun of her for dating a Hybrid. Clam, who is a total brat, broke up with Rogue. It broke Rogue's heart (in the first picture above) and she ran away again. Rogue tried to kill herself, sadly. The reason she was so heartbroken was because she'd never felt love for someone, and nobody had loved her back (even if it was short lived). Rogue survived all her crazy tries, and decided to fly until she fell with exhaustion. She ended up with Midnight on the Night island. (will explain later).


*For some odd reason, Flamewhisp loves fish. Like, he'd kill for a good fish.

*skips Science always. He hates that class at Jade Mountain  

*loves swims with Dusk //a friend of mine's oc//

Two-Face and Deathnote (both or separate):
*Two-Face, when he gets sad, loves to squat under Deathnote's wing and stay hidden under there.

*Deathnote cries for 3 hours on Wednesday only. (Weird)

*Two-Face's sides talk to eachother. His insane Animus and his average dragon side fight a lot. But Deathnote helps keep the bad side at bay.

*Deathnote has cute (almost hidden) dark green freckles

*Two-Face is really tall and skinny, he also adores snuggles

*Deathnote would s u c c anyone actually, but his special s u c c is Two-Face

*freaking snob

*she's pudgy and kinda annoying looking. Oddly short. Really muscled.

*high pitched voice that breaks your ear drums. She loves singing, and is actually good at that

*stupid little Princess

*Carribean is super duper ace about literally everything. He hates romance and sex and love and other dragons in general. He doesn't love anyone, even his parents. He just feels a strong respect for them.

*he ignores his siblings and usually chills away from them.

*cries a lot. Like, about 60% of the time she's crying

*Rogue has never met her parents, but sees Midnight and Phoenix as parent-ly figures

Hotspring and Coalfire (together and separate):
*Coalfire has really big wings, even though his wings are already big (he's a SkyWing)b they are bigger than most other SkyWings.

*Hotspring has rare pink glow spots, but he doesn't care at all.

*Hotspring has one of those school jock voices

*Coalfire loves wasting charred Rabbit


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